“Those who are deeply disconnected from their own real nature, and are thus unable to tap into the inexhaustible wellspring of joy, love, and inspiration at their core, will express this inner disconnection and alienation in actions that others find difficult and painful. Furthermore, the disconnected person will evolve a worldview corresponding to their inner experience, one in which happiness is something they have to obtain from the outside, something they have to fight for. Being disconnected from themselves, they are likewise disconnected from others, and therefore it seems perfectly logical to such a person to try to obtain wealth and happiness for themselves at any expense to others. Society and religion try to change such people by telling them that they will reap what they sow, that harm to others will come back on them, but such moralizing misses the point: that is not the way disconnected individuals are experiencing reality. They don’t feel their connections to all other living things, so such moralizing appears to them as a thinly veiled attempt to control their actions and limit their freedom, and they rebel against it. When we label such people as “evil,” we shut down the possibility of understanding their experience, and we shut down the possibility of compassion, which is particularly sad because only acts of compassion and love furnish the compelling counter-evidence to a disconnected person that might begin to change his view. In other words, the only way for this disconnected self-concealment and concomitant misalignment to start to correct itself is for the individual to have an experience that gives him concrete evidence of another way of seeing and understanding reality, a way that demonstrates greater value because it is more effective in meeting his deepest needs. This is why we call love a transcendent principle: it is the appropriate response to both love and hate.”

4 thoughts on ““Those who are deeply disconnected from their own real nature”

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I experience Love is the source of all. When one has forgotten or becomes disconnected from love they disconnect from all and try to fill that void. The only way to remember and to experience love is to feel it in yourself first to enable a connection to all. Even people of “evil” nature have love at there cores. They have simply forgotten. I think I just said what you said in different words.

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