When you were little you didn’t say to yourself, I wanna be a life master and spiritual guru, when I grow up. If you’re not connecting with your CHILD, you’re not connecting with URself. You wanted to be some form of expression. You did not want to sell-out to capitalism because you see an opportunity to make money. If you’re judging others by what you think they should be doing to grow, I’m here to balance the scales, I’m turning the tables.
In order for people to wake up, they don’t need to be taken to the cleaners by self proclaimed gurus. Capitalism is a pyramid scheme and you want in. You’re saying you want this world to perpetuate, and support this model. Yet here you are preaching and ministering to others judging them, by what they’re not doing, (in your eyes correctly), so they can grow spiritually. And you wanna get paid. Do you see the hypocrisy?
I’m a hypocrite too, I work and support capitalism by buying what I need, and sometimes what I don’t need, and I am judging.
You wanna make a living, write a book. This is a wonderful form of expression, it’s storytelling, and children LOVE it. And it’s what we’re doing right now. We’re telling ourselves a lie, and we are be-living-the-lie. In my knowing, I’m judging the charlatans and the carpet baggers, for their parlor tricks, and gofundme buttons. Get over it. The fact we pay to be a-life is what must stop. Do what you need to do, to be alive, but don’t take advantage of those who are attempting to wake up. Express yourself as a child would do, it’s in your Heart you need to LIVE.